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Technical developments on BrailleSurf were frozen in 2001 !
You could visit the new projects MozBraille, a browser based on Mozilla or Libbraille, a Braille display library and Braille transcription.

You can read the history of the BrailleSurf 4 versions to find out if you have the most recent one.


Complete installation of BrailleSurf 4

Update of BrailleSurf 4
Warning this version is only destinated to people who have a BrailleSurf version 4 installed on their computer
Download the file update_bs4_uk.exe and run it

Installation of BrailleSurf 4

The BrailleSurf 4 installation takes place in several steps:

  1. Preliminary step: This essential step will allow you to install the DLL files which are necessary for BrailleSurf 4 to work properly.
  2. BrailleSurf 4 installation: This step will allow you to use BrailleSurf 4 with a screen display, but without any specific peripheral device.
  3. Choice of the drivers: this step will allow you to install the drivers corresponding to your equipment.

If you want to be informed of BrailleSurf updates, send us your e-mail address.

If you have questions, suggestions, or remarks, you can contact us.