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Technical developments on BrailleSurf were frozen in 2001 !
You could visit the new projects MozBraille, a browser based on Mozilla or Libbraille, a Braille display library and Braille transcription.

Preliminary step

This essential step allows you to install the DLL files which are necessary for BrailleSurf 4 to work properly.

Download the installation program of these DLL files (install_dll.exe) and run it. A directory called 'Installation BS4' will be created on your C hard disk. No message will be displayed.

This directory will be used in the following steps for the installation of BrailleSurf 4's different modules. It will not be deleted after the installation. Thus, you will be able to reinstall BrailleSurf 4 or to make updates without downloading it again.

Now you can go to BrailleSurf 4.0 installation.


If you install BrailleSurf 4 under Windows NT or 2000, please check that you do have write permission on the C hard disk.

If you have questions, suggestions, or remarks, you can contact us.