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Planned evolutions


Technical developments on BrailleSurf were frozen in 2001 !
You could visit the new projects MozBraille, a browser based on Mozilla or Libbraille, a Braille display library and Braille translation.

BrailleSurf 4 is for the moment a beta version. We work in particular on the following topics:

  • Provision with new sets of colours (background and element colours)
  • Interface translation into different languages (in addition to French, English and Spanish)
  • Development of new functions (language recognition, printing)
  • Management of new peripheral devices (Concept Keyboard, speech recognition)
  • New drivers for speech synthesisers (SAPI 5, Kali)
  • New drivers for braille displays (Satellite, PowerBraille, AlphaBraille)

You can read the history of BrailleSurf 4's evolutions to check if your version is the most recent one.

If you have questions, suggestions, or remarks, you can contact us.