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Technical developments on BrailleSurf were frozen in 2001 !
You could visit the new projects MozBraille, a browser based on Mozilla or Libbraille, a Braille display library and Braille translation.

BrailleSurf 4 exists in English, French and Spanish and it works under Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 environments.

It can be used as a classical application with screen readers such as Jaws. However, for an optimal use of BrailleSurf 4, we advise you against this functioning mode.

BrailleSurf 4 uses optional software drivers to manage the peripheral devices (braille displays and speech synthesisers). For the moment, it is compatible with the following peripheral devices:

Braille displays

Alva - ABT3

Baum - Vario

EuroBraille - ClioBraille and AzerBraille

HanDialog - Visiobraille 2040 and Mini-Visiobraille

HandyTech - BrailleWindow

TechniBraille - Alizé and Zéphyr

Speech synthesisers

Elan Informatique - Proverbe Speech Engine

SAPI 4 compatible synthesisers

Download the drivers for those peripheral devices

Are you a software developer?

if you wish to develop drivers for peripheral devices for BrailleSurf 4, you can contact us.

If you have questions, suggestions, or remarks, you can contact us.